ATP custom gauge cluster built by Dakota Digital 1967-1972 F100

This is the render for the new ATP 67-72 F100 trucks custom gauge cluster. This cluster is being manufactured by Dakota Digital and was designed by us with the idea that we wanted a larger viewing area for the 67-72 F100 rather than the typical small stacked gauges. This cluster requires the use of the 1967 F100 style gauge cluster which does not have the center divider in the bezel. The 67 bezel is also made out of metal. This new ATP custom gauge cluster has all the features of the RTX and HDX Dakota Digital clusters. Comes with all the standard sensors and everything needed to hook up and operate. For all the EFI swap trucks out there we also offer CAN interface modules for the Coyote, Mod motor or even LS engine swaps. If you are using the OEM style computer you will need our OBD2 CAN interface module or if you are using a Holley EFI for your F100 then you can use the Holley CAN interface module. 

These ATP custom gauge clusters are all fully programable, they offer almost unlimited color adjustments for the lighting, TFT screen display modification, 0-60, 1/8th mile and 1/4 mile time tracking along with have a significant amount of upgradable add on modules to monitor anything from air ride bag pressures to air fuel ratio and boost. 

Here is our friend Eric Reimer in his F100 with a custom Dakota Digital gauge cluster in his own truck. Our ATP custom gauge cluster will have all the same functionality and gauge layout, however the font, gauge dash marks, gauge naming font and numbers are all different as with the ATP custom gauge cluster we wanted it to have a more original looking cluster that would blend in well for any kind of custom F100 build.  

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