Mustang Electric Power Steering Conversion Kit Install

We just posted up the new YouTube video about our CV E-Rack conversion kit. This is the brand new F100 Performance Electric Steering Rack conversion kit for Crown Victoria swapped F100 Trucks. This can also be used with other Crown Vic swaps, but you may run into some different clearance issues and so far this kit has only been tested on Ford F100 pickups. We have this kit installed in all sorts of F100 trucks with different engine combinations including LS, 2JZ, Coyote and Ford Mod 4.6 and 5.4 in 2V, 3V and 4V engine design with Crown Vic Swapped front suspension. You may need to remount the sway bar further towards the front of the vehicle to clear the 2015 and newer Mustang S550 Electric Steering Rack, but is very close to a bolt in upgrade. Very few modifications need to be made to run this setup on any Crown Victoria swapped vehicle, but the upgrade creates a huge change in driver experience. You gain much quicker steering ratio using the Mustang S550 Electric rack vs running the stock Crown Vic hydraulic power steering rack. The swap also improves the steering feel with more of a firm steering effort that gives much more driver feedback to how the vehicle is responding. This is possibly the best upgrade we offer here at F100 Performance in terms of transforming the driving experiance of these F100 pickups with crown victoria front suspension swaps. We have sold out multiple times already with this new kit and are working hard to get them back in stock, but feel free to send us a message and subscribe to the YouTube channel along with following us at F100 Performance facebook group and F100_Performance Instagram page to stay up to date on when parts are back in stock and new parts are released. 



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