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13.25" Crown Victoria Front Big Brake Kit


6 piston only comes in GRAY and 4.04 piston size. 4 piston only comes in GRAY and 5.18" piston size.


Full kit comes with Billet Caliper Brackets, BP-10 Wilwood street compound pads, option of 4 or 6 piston Wilwood calipers, 1/8 NPT to -3 AN fittings for the calipers, -3 AN to 10MM x 1.0 bubble flare adapter and DOT approved -3 AN brake lines.

You will purchase the 13.25" rotors from your local auto parts and will need to modify the center hole by opening the size .030" so it will fit the CV hub properly (part number and application below). This can be done on a lathe at any machine shop, or more easily, can be done with a burr grinder and taking your time to carefully remove only the minimum needed for the rotor to fit over the hub properly. 

The Billet Caliper Brackets are anodized black and can be purchased by themselves as well and all part numbers for the Wilwood Calipers and required rotors are listed below. These brackets only work with 13.25" rotors.  




ROTORS: 680811RGS from O'Reilly or lookup 2014 GT Mustang 336mm diameter rotors

6 PISTON CALIPERS: LH: 120-13236 RH: 120-13235 Gray Anno finish and 4.04" Piston Area

4 PISTON CALIPERS: LH: 120-13228 RH: 120-13227 Gray Anno finish and 5.18" Piston Area 

BRAKE PADS: 150-8854K



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